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Benefits for delegates

Identify contacts before the event and meet the right people on the day.
Promote your work and share your ideas on the live discussion board.
Start the conversation before the event and continue it afterwards.

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  • "Particularly like that it ticks all the right boxes for delegates without feeling over-engineered"
    Nick Thompson, Dataflow Events
  • "Thank you for giving us even more opportunities to network!"
    Delegate at Security Document World
  • "Moreconference is a great networking tool! It is an easy, user friendly site and will definitely use it again!"
    Patricia Martinez, HARBOR Aluminum


Private: The network is only open to delegates of the same event.
Profiles: View delegate photos, biographies and social media links.
Discussion board: Real time conversations and file sharing.
Social media: Integrates with Twitter and other social media services.
Mobile: Delegates can access the network on any smartphone.
Projection: Show the conversation on a projector during breaks.
Your branding: Add your logos and sponsor's logos or integrate with your website.
Moderation: Organisers can remove unwanted discussion board messages.
Direct messages: Delegates can contact each other directly

More information

What is moreconference?

moreconference is an online networking service for conferences and events. Delegates use moreconference to introduce themselves before they meet up - and to stay in touch once the event is over. It's a great way for conference organisers to offer delegates a lot more from their events.

About us

moreconference launched in 2011 to help conference organisers connect delegates online as well as help them connect in the real world. We are a company based in London, UK.

Please contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

moreconference: private social networks for conferences and events
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Private network

Delegates need a special code to login to each moreconference event. We ask you to send to this ‘morecode’ to them when they book their conference place with you in the usual way.

The morecode is unique to each event so only your delegates can see the profiles and access the discussion forum.

This makes for a better conversation and removes the risk of non-delegates disrupting or ‘spamming’ the forum. Organisers also have the option to remove access from any users (e.g. if they cancel their booking with you).

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Delegate profiles

As well as a photo and short biography, delegates can add social media accounts and web links to their profile.

The profile list is easy to browse and organisers can choose different colours for delegates who are speakers, sponsors or exhibitors.

When a delegate wants to save another delegate’s profile they can simply click the star next to their name. It’s easy to then bring up the list of starred delegates at a later date.

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Discussion board

The discussion board supports threaded conversations between delegates. The most popular conversations automatically stay at the top.

Delegates can upload and share a wide range of files including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and pictures to the discussion board.

Organisers and speakers can create polls to generate meaningful feedback on topical subjects and delegate preferences.

The discussion board updates immediately so delegates can chat in real-time without having to refresh their browser.

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Integrates with social media

moreconference is deeply integrated with other social media services.

Delegates can use their facebook, twitter, google or yahoo accounts to sign in to moreconference – so there’s no need to remember another password.

And they can add their Twitter account, LinkedIn profile and website address to their profile so that other delegates can stay in touch.

Finally, if delegates add their twitter username to their profile then they can tweet directly to the discussion board – just by appending the hashtag #moreconf to their tweets. This means they can access moreconference from their preferred twitter software – without having to browse to our website.

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Designed for mobile

Delegates can access a special mobile version of moreconference (compatible with any ‘smart’ mobile phone including iPhone, Android and Blackberry) to stay in touch with the online discussion.

This is handy for delegates who want to use moreconference at the event – perhaps to look up someone’s profile or share a thought on the discussion board.

Delegates who don’t have smartphones can also add messages to the discussion board, if they add their phone number to their moreconference profile. They simply send an SMS text message to 0203 137 6688 (no premium charges) and it will appear automatically.

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Projection view

It's easy to display the discussion board on a screen using the projection view.

This is a great way to show the conversation on a projector or flat-screen monitor during breaks.

The projection view can also be used to handle question and answer sessions with speakers.

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Your branding

The moreconference interface can be customized so that it shows your logos, colours and branding.

This is a great way to offer additional exposure to sponsors or partner organisations and to ensure delegates have a consistent user experience across websites.

In most cases we can also embed moreconference in your own site to provide a completely seamless experience.

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Control the conversation

If needed, conference organisers can remove any post from the discussion forum so that delegates cannot see it.

This is a useful way of ensuring that abusive, insulting or inappropriate comments are not viewable by other delegates.

The management screen also allows the organisers to nominate other trusted users as moderators so that several people can monitor the forum.

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Direct messages

Direct messages are a secure way for delegates to send emails to each other, without their addresses being inappropriately revealed.

When a direct message is sent, the sender does not see the recipient's email address but the recipient can see the sender's email address. If the recipient wishes to continue the conversation they can do so by email, without having to return to the moreconference website.

This is a good way for delegates to do business or collaborate directly on a one-to-one basis.

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